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Jax Taylor persuades girlfriend Brittany to get larger breast implants on Vanderpump Rules

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'Go big or go home!' Jax Taylor persuades girlfriend Brittany to get larger breast implants on Vanderpump Rules

Jax Taylor had a heart-to-heart conversation with his beleaguered girlfriend Brttany before her breast enhancement surgery on Monday's episode of Vanderump Rules.
'I'm not happy,' he said, noting that he was falling back into bad habits of drinking, getting arrested and 'rushing into relationships'.
He then persuaded her to go for a 'full D' breast enlargement, instead of the C-cup she was considering.

Going big: Jax Taylor persuaded his girlfriend Brittany to go for a larger breast enhancement on Monday's episode of Vanderpump Rules
'It's not just for you, it's for me,' he told her obnoxiously.
'Who doesn't love big boobs?' he later rhetorically said to the camera.

'I'm ready to throw some Ds on this,' he told the doctors.

Helping hand: Brittany after her surgery needed help going to the bathroom
Her later confided about his personal crisis to SUR manager Peter Madrigal.
'I keep fu*king up,' he admitted.
'At 36 can I change?' he asked.

Candid conversation: Jax got emotional while talking about his shortcomings with SUR manager Peter Madrigal
'I feel like I'm not accepted if I'm not talked about,' he told the Sur manager during a group beach outing.
Scheana Shay meanwhile was nagging her husband about his drinking.
'I don't like having a drunk husband who can't take care of me,' she said, as he lamented over his lack of career.

Drinking talk: Scheana Shay nagged her husband Mike about his drinking
'I'm pushing 30 and I just bought a Sega Genesis. That's who I am. That's who I will be. I think it kinda sucks that I'm still struggling and trying to prove myself to my wife,' he moaned.
'I didn't marry you for your money, clearly,' the brown-eyed beauty countered causing her husband to wince.
'My mom always said marry first for money, then for love, and I did the opposite,' she retorted.

Classic console: Mike said he was pushing 30 and just bought a vintage Sega Genesis video game console
Kristen Doute during the beach outing got into a raging feud with Ariana Madix and called her a 'f***ing c***' for badmouthing her best friend.
Ariana was bitter because Kristen had started dabbling in stage comedy.
'I take sketch comedy very seriously, so it offends me when people think they can just do it,' she griped.

Let's get serious: Ariana said she takes sketch comedy 'very seriously'
'Kristen's a joke but she doesn't make jokes,' she huffed.
'Far as I can see Ariana sleeps late and complains a lot,' responded Kristen, who decided to get up 'in her face' despite recent therapy sessions to deal with anger management.
Ariana earlier was distant while out lingerie shopping with Scheana and Katie Maloney.

Not purchasing: Ariana tried on a couple of items but didn't buy anything
The blonde beauty believed that Scheana was trying to sweep their issues under the rug with the lingerie shopping trip and could barely hide her disdain.
Katie revealed that she hadn't had sex with Tom Schwartz since their engagement and was hoping to spice things up with some lingeries.
She later cajoled her fiance to the beach to take engagement photos despite his objections.

To the rescue: Katie pretended to give Tom mouth to mouth in an engagement photo
The tension between Ariana, Scheana and Katie later exploded at the beach after Katie called out Ariana for being so critical of Kristen's comedy performance.
Ariana said she was pretending to have a good time with them.
'Stop faking it and stay home,' Scheana told the camera.

Stay home: Scheana said that Ariana could stop faking it and stay home
Ariana also provoked Jax when he stopped by to help Tom Sandoval move a couch from their apartment.
She brought up Jax accusing Tom of talking too much about his band and as he denied it Sandoval got really worked up and started shouting until Jax left.
The row was one of several bubbling issues among the group of employees at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR restaurant and lounge in Beverly Hills.

Worked up: Tom Sandoval lost it and started screaming at Jax over a past argument about talking about his band all the time
James Kennedy, 24, earlier was trying to make music with Lisa's son Max for the Pump restaurant.
'I'm working on a Pump CD. It's basically 10 songs composed, written and produced by me. It's pretty much my greatest accomplishment I've done in my life yet,' he boasted.
'I'm very ambitious and talented in what I'm doing. I don't mean to sound conceited but I'm the white Kanye West,' he raved.

Sounds conceited: James Kennedy called himself the 'white Kanye West'
The leggy hostess Lala Kent had 'taken up' reading books, namely The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
'It's a philosophical book, it's about architecture and architects,' she explained vaguely, while pronouncing the author's name incorrectly.
'It's amazing what I can accomplish when I'm not focused on a little string bean DJ,' she smirked in reference to James.

Reading books: Lala Kent said she took up reading and was into The Fountainhead
Lisa then dragged James in for a severe reprimand for disrespecting one of her employees at the Pump restaurant.
'Go away and grow the f*** up,' she told him, demanding that he return to bussing tables at the bottom of the hospitality ladder.
'I've given him more chances than he deserves,' she said as he sobbed bitterly.

Disciplinary meeting: Lisa reprimanded James who cried while trying to explain his behaviour
Tom Schwartz tried to persuade Tom Sandoval to keep his tattoo that he planned to remove via laser.
'But I want us to be ass tattoo brothers,' he joked.
Next week the drama continues on Bravo.

Tattoo removal: Tom Sandoval had his tattoo of an 'A' for Ariana removed via laser

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