Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ezz Steel prices for the month of March

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Ezz Steel announced, the largest company to produce iron in Egypt and the Middle East steel prices for the month of March, ranging from 3350 pounds to 3470 pounds per ton for the consumer, by geographical location, and about 3280 pounds per ton Ex-factory The workers said that the steel sector to install a Glory to prices caused great confusion in the case for the rest of the local steel mills, and deepen the crisis, which entered the factories for several months, sales fell to approximately 95 thousand tons, while annual production of these companies according to their more 300 thousand tons per month The sales reached Ezz last month registered about 217 thousand tons, compared to import about 100 thousand tons in the same month seem to be in competition with imported steel, especially Turkish, will continue to serve as a pressure on local businesses, especially small not to raise prices during the coming period , which increases the demands the government to take preventive measures to the domestic industry in the face of this competition

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