Monday, April 12, 2010

Stability of the currency exchange market, the Egyptian

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Witnessed the exchange rates of foreign currencies against the pound, the Egyptian state of stability where the record price of U.S. dollar in foreign exchange 5.4998 Egyptian pounds for the purchase, and 5.5280 pounds for selling, while the euro stood at 7.4681 pounds to buy, and 7.6076 pounds for sale. And Sterling, according to a Central Bank of 8.4576 pounds to buy, and 8.5038 pounds for the sale and purchase price of the Swiss franc 5.1914 5.2201 pounds and pounds for the sale, and 5.8878 pounds JPY purchase price, and 6.9218 pounds selling price. The price of Arab currencies 19.1210 pounds to buy the Kuwaiti dinar, and 19.2326 pounds for sale, while the total purchase price of the UAE dirham 1.4974 pounds and 1.5053 pounds for sale.

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