Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Expert opinions on the conditions of the stock market and the effect of the plan to rescue Greece on market conditions

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The president of research company Premiere Securities professor Ahmed al-Najjar in his first comments on market conditions and the impact of the plan to rescue Greece about the situation inside the Egyptian Stock Exchange Despite assistance from the International Monetary Fund to provide billion for Greece in order to remove them from the red line, which superseded it was still a fear in transactions of a phenomenon which is to sell shares on the same day for fear of fluctuations in global markets and are reflected in the Egyptian market, which contributed to the the direction of foreign for sale in the Egyptian market, especially in the leading stocks, which led to decline sharply during the trading session yesterday in addition to the unrest of the sovereign to extend the emergency law for two years., the movement of volatility is expected to continue to the end of this week to come back to the board next week The Egyptian Stock Exchange Index ended the day slightly higher on the index came to him after the trouble with the main stock index closed "EGX30" at a height of 0.2% to close at 6836.48 points, gains were 13.69 points Has opened sat on rise slightly at the beginning of Alcil up to the level of 6822.79 points, quickly backed down after it reached the level of 6746.53 points, its lowest point recorded by the index during the meeting, to take an upward trend then down to the level of 6857.96 points, its highest point recorded by the index, even drop end level 6836.48 points And by the leading stocks there has been a decline in almost Jmahy has issued shares "Orascom Telecom" stocks down the most decline of 0.5% to close at 5.95 pounds and was the latest rate and 5.96 pounds, fell "OCI" by 0.25% to close at 247.94 pounds and was last rate and 249 pounds, also fell, "Hermes" by 0.19% to close at 32.30 pounds and was the latest rate and 31.65 pounds, while shares rose as usual, the Commercial Bank of SARFT, up an estimated 2.16% to close at 72.48 pounds Topping the gainers shares "Alexandria Portland Cement," a rise of 4.47% to close at 316.19 pounds and was the latest rate and 318 pounds, followed by shares "tourist attraction" by 3.47% to close at 17.87 pounds and was the latest rate and 17.90 pounds, and then share the "valley to export crops "by 3.32% to close at 34.23 pounds and was the latest rate and 35 pounds Also rose, "GB Auto" by 2.39% to close at 39.04 pounds and the latest rate reached 39.10 pounds, followed by shares "International Trade" by 2.16% to close at 72.48 pounds and the latest rate reached 73.50 pounds On the other hand, has tended to foreigners and Arabs to buy the record net buying of 3.02 million pounds and 2.26 million pounds, respectively, while headed Egyptian transactions to sell to register sales of 792.21 million pounds compared to purchases worth 786.92 million pounds, investigators net sales of 5.29 million pounds

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