Thursday, December 9, 2010

Azeroth Daily - Episode 1

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Azeroth Daily - Episode 1

Azeroth Daily, the only, daily WoW news and comment videocast. Remember to subscribe to receive yours as soon as it's released!

Athene hits Level 85 first. -

More Hotfixes -

Pick of the Litter = FISHING NERFED, OH GOD. Fishing gains past 500 skill were too quick. Fishing is now hardcore. All guard posts in the world will now properly spawn Level 85 guards.

Free character moves available from a variety of US realms -­1 Ends on December 22nd so make sure you do it pretty quickly.

Daily Blues

A handy tip for PUGs -

Blizzard ok with people rushing to 85, personal choice -

Bashiok tells it like it is when confronted with an oversensitive player -

The Daily Grind
Baron Geddon quest

Mod your WoW
Baggins -
Icehud -

Big shout to /r/wow on Reddit for their excellent and useful feedback on the pilot episode, which has been used to improve this one and of course, you guys on Youtube as well.

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