Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Don't miss the one-hour Season Finale of Raising Hope, THU at 9/8c, after American Idol! At 23, JIMMY unexpectedly became a single parent. Now his life's goal is to be the world's best dad. Jimmy's parents, VIRGINIA and BURT, who had Jimmy at the tender age of 15, don't mind being back in the baby game. They made mistakes with Jimmy, but now with their granddaughter, they finally have the opportunity to get everything right. The Chances live with Jimmy's erratic great-grandmother, MAW MAW. Once the rock of the family, Maw Maw's eccentricities now force everyone to stay on their toes. In her mind, the house is infested with mongooses, she's cheating on her dead husband and it just might be World War II. GLEE's Advice For RAISING HOPE | FOX BROADCASTING

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