Monday, January 20, 2014

War on the War on Poverty? TRCC

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Is the NSA spying on Congress? How did George HW and Barbara Bush celebrate their 69th Wedding Anniversary? What is the War on the War on Poverty? Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee is a daily news segment by Ron Placone. The NSA won't reveal whether or not their spying on Congress but did drop a hint by saying they try to focus on entities capable of carrying out something Republicans declare a war on the war on poverty, the war on drugs isn't working out so well and the war on women backfired the war on Christmas is going to have to be shelved for awhile longer but it's about time the government stop trampling on peoples' rights to go hungry George HW and Barbara Bush just reached their 69th Wedding Anniversary, to celebrate they added the number 69 to the Words you can't say on Radio or Television

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