Thursday, June 26, 2014

Syrian actress Susie Salman dissociation Life published a post after a few minutes

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In the incident surprised the artistic and social Syrian, died young Syrian actress Susie Salman life after less than 5 minutes from the last written a post on the front page on Facebook. The late Susie Salman moved to the higher ranks as a result of a mortar shell landed on her house in the city of Damascus. The last blog post, which died after life where Salman said Susie: 'Lord, you remember God Struck few minutes ago I do not know why .. shell landed in front of my house, Lord Stark'. She had started a little earlier: '* In the name of God the Merciful * Did you explain to your chest and put you and Zrk which destroy your back and you mentioned you raised the ease with hardship that the ease with hardship if Farragut Vansb and Fargb to the Lord Almighty God'. God bless the young actress Susie Salman and inspired her family and her fans patience and fortitude.

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