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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eating yogurt reduces the risk of diabetes

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A recent study revealed that eating 28 grams of yoghurt a day reduces the risk of diabetes. British newspaper Daily Mail reported that the search, which was conducted in the School of Public Health at Harvard University, suggests that Yogurt provides an inexpensive way human beings in order to enjoy healthy aging. The study showed that the second type of diabetes, usually comes from obesity, which develops in middle age, and the attendant complexities and complications, from blindness to heart attacks and strokes. The study pointed out that eating 28 grams of yoghurt a day reduces the risk of diabetes by 18% .. The newspaper pointed out that the study examined the dietary habits of 200 thousand people for 30 years, and provided detailed information about their eating habits, noting that all of them were not people with diabetes in the beginning of the study, however, 15156 people were infected in the end.

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