Wednesday, April 29, 2015

«ESCWA» concludes with a workshop for the management of change in the public sector reform in Iraq

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Concluded the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia Committee "ESCWA", on Tuesday, the workshop on "Change Management and Public Sector Reform," which held in Istanbul, in collaboration with Basil Fuleihan Lebanese Institute financial and economic among the modernization of the public sector of the Iraqi program in the framework of United Nations Development Assistance Framework. The workshop was attended by 12 participants from the National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology in Baghdad, and 7 of the Kurdistan Institute of Public Administration, where they discussed the strategy needs to change management aimed at supporting public sector reform, which began in Iraq. In this context, all of the National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Institute for Public Administration played a strategic role institutional and individual capacity building in ministries and provinces.
During the workshop, put each map its own change management through in order to strengthen their role as key elements in the process of change in the public sector reform during the crisis faced by the country. She said Sawsan Mohammed Amin Mirani, Director of the Institute, said that the management of change is one of the most important topics that will record success and development in ministries and government institutions Vtmcnha to make improvements and repairs on an ongoing basis. She pointed out that this workshop is a good start for the development of the road map to manage change and ensure the sustainability of their application. The Qusai Khalil, executive director of the National Center for the development of administrative and information technology, the importance of identifying methodologies and mechanisms of change as well as consider the success stories in this area and with the continuous support provided by ESCWA. For its part, considered Atsuko Okuda, head of governance and state-building in the ESCWA, that the timing of the workshop was very appropriate given the external surrounding factors of violence, and emergency situations, and fluctuations in oil prices, etc., all of which affect the availability of budgets and on the pace and scope of reforms in Public sector. She added that the workshop played a catalytic role in the evaluation of these external and internal factors, and determine the strategic priorities of the services the center and develop ways to manage change maps. The workshop has started its work on April 20, where participants reviewed the current concept of change management and theoretical aspects as well as examples of countries in the region, including Lebanon, which showed the training institutes ability to innovate in this field and filling gaps in the public sector reforms.

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