Wednesday, December 1, 2010

19NinetyNine - iThink Unofficial Machinima Music Video (Industrial/EBM) [Explicit]

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19NinetyNine - iThink Unofficial Machinima Music Video (Industrial/EBM) [Explicit]

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19NinetyNine are an unsigned Industrial/EBM group from Lancaster, UK. Why is this video here? Because this is my little brother's band and while it's not my style of music, they deserve the support for consistently high quality output. The Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands contest is a huge German contest between cybergoth, industrial and EBM bands and the prize is a record deal. Voting is taken into consideration in judging the winner. To vote, please put 19NinetyNine as your first choice (5 points) and then vote for whoever you so desire afterwards. The voting system requires you to vote for a lot of different things to ensure genuine votes, so please listen to some of the other bands as well via the player on their page. You'll have to fill in all fields marked with a (*). Besides, voting is fun and there are several other categories like 'worst movie' (the answer is Skyline).

I asked Paus, the maker of 'Acting with Certainty' to produce this video because I love his unique, creepy style. He took some artistic license and edited the song, but you can hear the full length version here

19ninetynine - iThink (Official Video)

19ninetynine - iThink
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