Monday, May 27, 2013

SolarAid - Solar lights for off-grid communities - Global Impact Challenge finalist

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The Global Impact Challenge supports British non-profits using tech to tackle the world's toughest problems. The 10 finalists are in, help decide who wins. Project: SolarAid will scale access to solar lighting in off-grid communities in Africa by establishing a distribution network with local entrepreneurs. Impact: Over 110 million households in rural Africa rely on kerosene lamps, which emit harmful smoke and can cost up to 20% of a household's income. A £5 solar light lasts 5 years and is just 2% the cost of kerosene. SolarAid plans to work with Tanzanian entrepreneurs to create a solar hub for their communities, offering affordable, clean lighting, and providing job opportunities. Over 3 years, solar lighting will reach 11.2 million people, saving up to £196 million in income and reducing respiratory illness. Ultimately, SolarAid aims to replace kerosene lamps in Africa by 2020.

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