Monday, May 27, 2013

vInspired - Microwork platform for unemployed youth - Global Impact Challenge finalist

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The Global Impact Challenge supports British non-profits using tech to tackle the world's toughest problems. The 10 finalists are in, help decide who wins. Project: vInspired will connect unemployed young people in the UK with opportunities to enter the workforce through Task Squad, a digital microwork platform. By connecting young people to short, flexible tasks, they learn skills, earn money and cultivate 21st century job experiences. Impact: Currently, one in four 16-24 year olds in the UK is unemployed. At the same time, businesses and organisations need proven, value-for-money candidates to work on short-term tasks. vInspired plans to scale a digital platform for young adults to find and apply for microwork. They include small jobs, corporate errands, and short-term positions lasting from a couple hours to a week. Over three years, this will provide work for over 275,000 young adults, giving them tools to reach their potential, ultimately providing thousands of opportunities for young people to make their impact on the world.

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