Thursday, December 4, 2014

Coco Chanel was a spy for the «Nazis»

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Coco Chanel was putting a mask. Although the biography of the French fashion designer has been known since 2011, but the new documentary which was aired during the past few days in the year, French television confirms that she was a spy active in favor of intelligence Nazi machine, and the pseudonymous "and Asameenstar," as quoted by the newspaper "El Mundo" Spanish. Although relations between Coco Chanel and positions of Nazi graduate, such as Baron Hans Guenther, have been known for years, but the historian Frank Ferrand, who directed the film documentary "under suspicion" proved that Chanel was a puppet, is rumored, for example, that the fashion designer began in cooperation with the Nazis in 1940, and in 1943 they send it to Madrid where he should meet with Winston Churchill to try to reach a truce. The famous French move as "Istmintr" to their relationship and short Bdouk Istmintr years in their twenties, were decoded in the German military intelligence service in 1944, is F'7124, according to Nazi leaders admitted that the French defense. Documentary also reveals that Coco Chanel got to use this power and strength in the attempt to restore the industry perfumes associated with her name, which was a Jewish family works since the twenties of the last century.

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