Friday, December 5, 2014

Van Dam participate in the new version of «Kicksboxer»

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Hollywood actor Jean Claude Van Dam will, play a role in the new version of the film "Kicksboxer" boxer without rules, the newspaper reported that "The Hollywood Reporter". And entered talks on this subject between the actor and the film financiers final stage and is expected to introduce the film in 2015. The display on the actor and professor at martial arts to play and not a disciple role of professor as is the case in the previous movie, and if joining Jean-Claude Van Damme to the Working Film factor on film output will replace the Thai actor Tony hurts, who was forced out of the project for the mismatch timetables . Will take part in the film, along with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dave Batista, and Alan Moses, and director John Stockvl will remove the new version of the famous movie. It is noteworthy that the first version of the film "Kicksboxer" offered in 1989 when he was Van Dam in the 29-year-old, according to a scenario that film, the brother of the main hero fought Nzala harsh House in Muay Thai and injuring him, what made him go by wheelchair, he decided to film the hero of revenge deducted from his brother after he received a boxing lessons at the hands of a professor in the martial arts. Experts say that the film "Kicksboxer" became one of the best films of violence which was attended by Van Dam.

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