Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mobinil .. soon disappear from Egypt

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CEO of "Orange" French royal said to about 100% of the "Mobinil" shares Stephane Richard, said the group plans to change the name and mark "Mobinil" in Egypt to "Orange" in the coming period, and described the mark "Orange" as "hold little appeal and confidence customers in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and Africa ", pointing out that he did not specify the date of the name change and brand yet where it takes some time to clarify and explain it to customers. He added Richard, during a press conference held on Wednesday, in the presence of officials of the company "Mobinil", the group is planning to put up share ranging between 10 and 15% of "Mobinil" shares in the Egyptian stock market in the coming period, and that the group would prefer not to continue to own 100% of the company and see the need to open field in front of the Egyptian partners and investors. He stressed that the group owns 100% of the "Mobinil" a temporary situation and will continue to see where the group need to open up to markets through the presence of strategic partners in the Egyptian market, and that the Egyptian market is not currently afford operators Fourth in the mobile market, where all countries of the world There are the three operators only, with the exception of France, which currently trying to reduce the number of mobile phone companies out of 4 to 3 companies only, pointing out that it explained, during a meeting held the day before yesterday, with the Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, the Prime Minister this point very well, which is heard it is also a good prime minister.
He pointed out that the group will continue to invest strongly in the Egyptian largest market in the region, pointing out that the size of the company's investments in Egypt amounts to two billion pounds, and that Egypt will have a share of the new investment, which would like the company pumped in the global mobile market in the next few years. On the other hand, the executive director of the group "Orange" French said that the group plans to withdraw its brand from Israel and the termination of the contract, but some time needs because of legal proceedings, pointing out that there is a clause in the contract given "Orange" the right to terminate the relationship with Israel. He pointed out that the sign "Orange" present in Israel since the nineties, before owns "Orange France" has something inherited was created by the current management of the company, and that the company, which used an "Orange" in Israel and an independent and separate from the "Orange" France group and the relationship between the two sides is to use an "Orange" only.

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