Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oman will host the 28th International Conference on Technology fertilizer industry

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Oman will host next Sunday, the work of the 28th International Conference on Technology fertilizers and accompanying exhibition industry entitled "Arabian Fertilizer affect the sustainability in the future", with the participation of 300 of the Jordanian and regional and international experts in the fertilizer industry. The conference will discuss topics highlighted by the best technology in the production of nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate and potassium, equipment, operation, maintenance and removal of bottlenecks in the fertilizer factories and the optimal use of primary and intermediate energy conservation, health and safety and the environment of materials and the most important practical applications in the fertilizer factories. Participants will also discuss case studies of Arab companies, which reflects the outstanding expertise in the fields of the fertilizer industry, especially in the fields of energy and natural resources, health and safety and the environment. Said CEO of Phosphate Mines, Dr. Shafiq Al-Ashqar, as quoted by the official Jordan News Agency "Petra," The interest in the establishment of the conference in Amman for the seventh time comes for expansion and growth at the level of joint projects in the fertilizer industry locally and abroad and vision of these companies at the forefront of phosphate Arab Potash to maximize the added value and the yield of phosphate and potash ores to reflect positively on the Jordanian economy. AFA was founded in 1975 as an organization of Arab non-governmental, non-profit organization, operating under the umbrella of the Arab Economic Unity Council, Union institutions and Arab companies operating and combines in the field of industry and trade of fertilizers and raw materials and related areas so, and includes in its membership 180 Arab and foreign companies from 32 countries of around the world.

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