Monday, August 3, 2015

Iran decide to buy 90 Boeing and Airbus aircraft annually

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The news agency quoted the Islamic Republic of Iran, a senior official in the aviation sector as saying that Iran plans to buy about 90 aircraft per year from Boeing and Airbus to update its aging fleet immediately after the lifting of Western sanctions imposed on it.
He said Mohammed Khodakramy acting head of Iran's Civil Aviation Authority "will be purchased from Iran" 80-90 "aircraft a year from my company aircraft industry giants in the first phase of the modernization of its fleet." And strengthened the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers to raise the possibility of banking and trade sanctions imposed on Iran, may be accomplished by the end of year, which will provide an opportunity to modernize the commercial aircraft fleet with an average age 23 years and is almost double the world average. The official was quoted as saying Khodakramy "will buy aircraft from Boeing and Airbus in equal numbers," adding that Iran initially need to add 80 aircraft to its fleet at least a year, this means 300 aircraft within five years, according to Khodakramy. He said Iran would finance these purchases by mechanisms involving the lease of foreign loans and government funds. Iranian and Western aviation officials earlier estimated that Iran, which has a population of 80 million people, you need 400 aircraft in the next ten years in the status of implementation of the terms of the nuclear program smoothly and the lifting of sanctions.

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