Monday, August 3, 2015

Lebanese Finance: State-threatening crisis in the payment of salaries in two months

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Ali Hassan Khalil said Lebanese Finance Minister, said that his country is threatened by a crisis in the payment of salaries during the next two months, due to political paralysis and the suffering that led to disable the House of Representatives and obstructing the work of the government.
Khelil said the newspaper "ambassador" of Lebanon, that the issue of payment of wages and salaries for public sector employees Lebanese began now constitute a pressure on the Ministry of Finance component, Abizaid and that in one of the ministries from now will not be able to pay salaries and this problem will be exacerbated at the end of September. He continued: "We are facing a choice of two, the first legislation in the House of Representatives, especially the Ministry of Finance prepared a draft law was sent to the House of Representatives since last March to pay salaries for other teams sanctioned budget in the House of Representatives, the year 2005 budget. He added: "The second option, is represented stop state once and for all spending, including the suspension of the decrees" includes money exchange "was issued and published in the Official Gazette and became the rights of the ministries, to the point of spending for the benefit of salaries and wages are changing, and this issue also needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers , otherwise we will be in front of the problem of payment of salaries after two months. He said that the Lebanese state have financial benefits from now until the end of this year worth one billion and US $ 300 million, including $ 500 million payment is due on the seventh of August of this, which is a religion of "Eurobond" bonds benefits will BDL Central paid. He stressed that the Lebanese Ministry of Finance was able initially to find a legal cover for all these bonds "Eurobond" through the issuance handled by the ministry, but they need the approval of the Council of Ministers in order to do the version and replacement. On the other hand, "Ambassador" newspaper reported that the debate will resume today on the export of waste to the outside option, at a time overflowed signatories Almaguetan hunters who put their capital Beirut waste, threatening renewed crisis in the streets of the city and its southern suburb. The head of the Lebanese government's "ambassador" Tammam Salam, that the export proposal considering among other proposals, explained Alan wise and Minister of Economy and Trade Lebanese newspaper, that the four German companies officially responded to the initial approval, noting that each company of which can transport forty tons per month, pointing If that is not approved for the transfer of waste to Germany, Sweden and France is also ready to cooperate in this matter. In contrast, ministerial sources Lebanese "informed Ambassador", that there is a difficulty in being able to Lebanon from the obligation minute set by the European Union to approve the import of wastes, drawing attention standards that the Union sets technical requirements for sorting and shipping, quality and the proportion of water in the waste, as well as considerations tight security increase export hypothesis complicated.

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