Sunday, August 2, 2015

Moscow warned Washington of the Russian reserve assets in the case of «Yukos»

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The newspaper "Kommersant" said that the Russian Foreign Washington warned of similar action if the book Russian assets on US soil, in case of implementation of decisions of the Court of Arbitration at The Hague in the case of "Yukos".
And published the "Kommersant" Russian an article on Saturday, in this regard based on where a message from the State Department addressed to the former shareholders in the company, "Yukos' oil the US State touched upon the other message from Russian Foreign addressed to the US Embassy, ​​Russia pointed out where to reply actions For its part, in the case of implementing the decisions of the Court of Arbitration at The Hague. And provide shareholders "Yukos 'former to an American court in the District of Columbia a request to recognize the judgment of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague court, which provides for the payment of compensation of $ 50 billion to shareholders who owned the former controlling stakes in the company," Yukos' oil, and its implementation on US soil . And he considered the decision of the Russian Foreign Hague tribunal "unfair" and described him as "politically biased" and which is a clear violation of the law and is not compatible with the rule of law and international justice, impartiality and professional ideas. Russian Foreign Ministry also warned in its letter addressed to the US Embassy of the potential consequences for American companies and citizens in the event of the imposition of provisional measures on Russian assets to ensure the implementation of the decision of the Hague tribunal. She added, "Kommersant" that the Russian Foreign Ministry made it clear that Russia would appeal at the request of the company "Yukos" in the appropriate United States Court of former shareholders. It is noteworthy that shareholders "Yukos' former applied for the issue of the Court of The Hague against Russia, demanding compensation of 50 billion dollars, arguing that the Russian authorities had violated the provisions of the Energy Charter after it was booking on the company. The Paris and Brussels in June, have carried out to order some Russian assets in France and Belgium, then considered Moscow Russian confiscation of assets unfriendly step and a flagrant violation of the norms of international law.

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