Sunday, August 2, 2015

Photos | child with one arm accompanied by a dog of a special type

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You may face a challenge when you grow up when riding a bike to go to school, or climbing bars during play, but decided to face life the small owner Bgroha only 3 feet.
Eli Peggy, a child not more than one year, was born Ayman Bmara only, chosen to most of her time spent with his puppy has a 3-foot-old-year-old, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British. When she saw her mother, Brooke Hodgston, puppy for the first time I knew immediately it would be a best friend to her daughter, and asked the Federation of Animal Care in Queensland to make a puppy to give up and gave one to become a 3-feet instead of 4. And her mother said: "When you grow Elie pass cases of weakness or lack of will look at her dog" year ", and will feel they are not alone and various help her overcome the difficult situations that will pass easily." Eli suffers from suffocation syndrome Omenyusy tape, which is a congenital disorder because of entrapment in some parts of the fetus, especially Parties.

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