Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ornamental fish ponds lower blood pressure and heart rate

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The keenness of many doctors, particularly dentists, years ago to develop pools of ornamental fish in waiting rooms Baaadathm to calm the nerves of patients.
Now, a recent study showed for the first time that a closer look at the floating fish really helps lower blood pressure and heart rate. In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Universities of examination Plymouth and Exeter in Britain reactions, physical and psychological to a group of individuals for consideration to basins containing various types of ornamental fish. The researchers found, according to the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" the British, that even looking at the aquarium is empty does not contain only on some rocks and seaweed has reduced heart rate by 3%, while the ponds contain fish Accessories have led to lower this rate by 7 %, as reduced Show fish also blood pressure by 4%. The researchers said that the presence of a large and diverse number of fish also helped to distract people for longer and thus keep them away from stress and improve their mood.

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