Saturday, August 1, 2015

Surprise | for the third time .. Why drop the bin Laden family aircraft?

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After the announcement of the Saudi aviation investigations office in the fall of Blakpoh a private Saudi jet airport in Britain, on Friday, and four people on board, of the bin Laden family, doubts have been raised pioneers of social networking sites, about whether foul play or not?
The Saudi media said that "those who were on board the plane, the mother of Saad and Mohammed bin Laden, Sana bin Laden, and Dr. Zuhair Hashim, the husband of Sana bin Laden, and the commander of the aircraft." Saudi Arabia said the Civil Aviation Authority, on Friday, that the initial report stating the existence of four people on board, noting that "aviation investigations office appointed an accredited representative to support the British Bureau of Investigation to investigate the special Saudi plane accident in Blakpoh airport in Britain." He explained the Saudi aviation investigations office, he will be issued a detailed statement on the incident of the crash. The Saudi Arabian newspaper that this air tragedy is not the first in the life of the bin Laden family, but the third,'s chief same family, Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, who he married 22 times and fathered more than 55 sons, most notably Osama and Salem and delivers Yahya and Saad, died in 1967 59 years old when he was inspecting a helicopter projects, Jebel collided in Taif, and like him, died in 1988 his eldest son Salem, described that he was "obsessed with aviation," according to him said columnist Jihad el-Khazen in the 1997 newspaper "life" of London. Said in the article that the Salem "was taking part in the air show at Kitty Hawk Airport near San Antonio in Texas when the wind tossed his plane light toward electric tapes, he died on May 30, 1988, or 22 years after his father's death in the fall of the helicopter, which monitors the construction of a road Taif, "adding for Salem, who left a British widow named Caroline Carey when he was killed 42 years old, and married after his younger brother, Khaled, that the intensity of attachment to fly," he owns a small airport in the United States, "he said.

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