Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CBB's Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis reunite for Dublin break

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'Drinking Guinness with my girlfriend': Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis take their relationship to the next level as she jets to Dublin for VERY romantic reunion She appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday afternoon to proclaim that she was head-over-heels in love. And Stephanie Davis reunited with her new lover Jeremy McConnell in serious style as she jetted to Dublin to be by his side later that day. The former Hollyoaks actress revealed during her interview that she had dumped boyfriend of a year Sam Reece via text upon leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday after sparking up a romance with Irish hunk Jeremy.
And the pair pulled out all the stops to ensure the first stage of their relationship got off to a good start. The pair reunited in her beau's hometown and tattooed model Jeremy soon introduced the 22-year-old to celebrating Irish style. He uploaded a video of the pair enjoying several Guinnesses before sharing a snap of them kissing. The hunk wrote: 'Drinking guiness with my girlfriend.' The new couple then headed to their hotel, where Jeremy had asked for the bed to be littered with rose petals.
However, his sentimental side didn't last long - Stephanie later uploaded a picture of her in a dressing gown with chocolate all over her face after a playful food fight. The big night came after an emotional Steph revealed on Loose Women exactly what she told her previous boyfriend when she finally emerged from the Channel 5 reality show last week. She said: 'I sent a text to Sam the next day. I just said, "it's nice to see you're making money off the back of me. You won't need my money now. Good luck. I've met someone I want to be with now."' 'I'm not angry. I think everything happens for a reason. It's definitely over and me and Jez are seeing each other now.' Stephanie said that she had known that she and Sam were having problems for some time. She alleged: 'I knew he cheated on me time and time again. But because of my past, I couldn't leave.'
Stephanie told the panel: 'The reason I said I wanted to marry him, was because I was doing magazine interviews and I was put on the spot. I didn't know what to say. 'I was trying to convince myself. I was always wanting to be loved. I stayed with Sam because I thought it was what I deserved. 'Jez is the first man to love me for me. He gave me a belief in myself which I hadn't had for a while. I was so angry in the house because I was frustrated. I had time to think.
'I was angry that I had stayed with Sam, paying for everything, being taken advantage of. The panel asked her what it is she loves so much about Jeremy. 'It's his morals,' she replied. 'When he was younger, he lost his mum, brother and sister 15 months apart and he wears a picture of them in a locket around his neck. 'He gave it to me to wear. That's why I was so upset, it's the only picture he has of them. He's had a terrible time and he was so young.
'We started falling for each other. Then I sang Amy Winehouse's Valerie on the show and he thought that was weird. It was his mum's name.' Adding: 'I can't believe I've found someone who actually loves me.' Janet asked her: 'Why do you have such low esteem? Do you think you are repulsive?' 'Yeah, a lot of that,' she replied. 'A few years ago, I was with someone who took advantage of me, it was a bad time. I was depressed and I had an overdose. I couldn't see a way out. 'People always think I'm confident,' she said while crying. 'But deep down, I'm not at all.
'I had the overdose at home, I lived on my own. I didn't have anyone there. I panicked and called an ambulance. I couldn't see and don't know what happened. 'Then when I realised I was alright, there was talk of organ failure.' Janet Street Porter asked her if she had had counselling and if she continues to do so. 'I was having counselling up until a couple of months ago, because I was having panic attacks,' she said. 'Thanks to Celebrity Big Brother, I am really at peace with myself,' she said. 'I'm content and Jez is a big part of that. It makes me want to be a better person. I'm so proud of myself that I came out of the other side. I was true to myself.'
At the end of the show, Ruth played a video message from Jeremy, who she is seeing later on, who told her he 'loved her and missed her'. Ruth also said that Sam had denied that he had ever cheated on Stephanie, to which she put her thumbs down.

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