Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kanye West rants about Kylie Jenner's Puma shoe deal and insists she's on 'Yeezy team'

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'We gone give you your measly million dollars back': Kanye West rants about Kylie Jenner's new shoe deal with Puma and insists she's on 'Yeezy team' It has been reported that Kylie Jenner recently signed a seven-figure deal with Puma. And it looks like brother-in-law Kanye West is trying to break up that partnership before the ink dries. The 38-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday to go on yet another epic rant but this time it was directed toward athletic wear company Puma.
As Kanye has a highly-popular shoe partnership with Adidas, he wants to make sure that the 18-year-old reality star does not make any money for the competition. The All Of The Lights rapper took aim at the German company as he wrote to his 18.4 million followers: '1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything. That's on my family! 1000% Kylie is on Yeezy team!!!' He went on to post: 'Puma we gone give you your measly million dollars back!!! Never try to divide the family!!!'
This comes just after the Monday report that Kylie has signed on to be the new face of the athletic wear company from Us Weekly. Multiple sources for the gossip publication claimed that the younger sister of Kendall Jenner signed a contract with Puma to be an ambassador for the brand. As Rihanna signed a deal with the company last year, one of their insiders claimed that the teenage star's partnership is not 'full out like Rihanna's collaboration.'
In the summer of last year, the 27-year-old Barbadian beauty released her first range of trainers to much fanfare. Kylie has previously modelled the rapper's Yeezy clothing and footwear as she rocked the runway during New York Fashion Week back in November and February of 2015. Puma was not the only shoe company Kanye was taking shots at as he also acknowledged his diss track aimed at Nike, which was released by surprise on New Year's Eve.
In the song Facts, the chorus of the song is 'Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman,' which sounds very similar to a song Drake released with Future titled Jumpman. On Tuesday, Kanye wrote:'I'm sorry Michael Jordan I love and respect you. My beef was with Mark Parker. I respect you so much!' Mark Parker is the CEO of Nike, the original company who Kanye had collaborated on footwear with.
He was obviously listening to the track while working on his new record as he referenced another line in the song where he mentioned NBA superstar LeBron James. Kanye said: Nike treat employees just like slaves, gave LeBron a billi' not to run away. 10 thousand dollar fur for Nori, I just copped it, your baby daddy won't even take your daughter shoppin'.' He was much more complimentary in his social media post, as he shared a photo of the 31-year-old Cleveland Cavalier's star's new sneaker and wrote: 'Wow this is pretty cool ... good job NIKE team... Lebron is my brother.'
The rapper did not steer away from controversy as he also wrote on the microblog site: 'BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!' The 78-year-old comedian, who has been at the centre of several sexual assault allegations, was also mentioned in Kanye's song as he rapped at the time: 'Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?' Kanye is currently working on his still-to-be-titled album which is set for release sometime this month.

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