Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CBB's Stephanie Davis' 'explosive row with Jeremy McConnell captured on audio

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'Get off me, get off me!' Stephanie Davis' 'explosive row with Jeremy McConnell is captured on audio... as he boasts their relationship is "perfect"' They're said to have had an explosive argument following the Celebrity Big Brother final and now Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell's tiff appears to have been captured on audio. A recording appears to hear the lovers battle it out in an impassioned row before fellow housemate Megan McKenna intervenes to assist a hysterical Stephanie. Stephanie's' voice is heard saying: 'Are you actually for... real... I gave up everything for you. I love you to bits. I wanted to make love tonight.
'Oh my God... I would have given anything! No, I'm telling you... No get off me, get off me, I'm done with you now... Get off me! Don't touch me, don't touch me!' The audio comes as Jeremy McConnell took to Twitter to reassure his fans that things were 'perfect' between them. He wrote: 'Me and steph have been perfect since we left the house. just to let people no. I love the girl.'
He also posted a video of her best bits on CBB, writing 'adore her,' while Stephanie tweeted: 'Crazy how 5 weeks can turn your life around for the better! #emotinalrollercoster #itsallbeenworthit #smiling.' Stephanie, 22, who finished the show in second place, entered the house in a relationship with model Sam Reece before growing increasingly close to 25-year-old Jeremy. The Mirror first claimed the recording obtained was said to be sent by a disgruntled hotel guest, who was staying in the temporary digs of all the CBB housemates after the final. As the voice, claiming to be Stephanie's, grew louder and louder the guest opted to tape the argument in which the female voice is prominent while the voice said to be Jeremy's is muffled.
Megan McKenna is then heard to clatter on the door, seemingly shouting: '[Banging on the door] It's Megan, it's Megan... What is going on? What's wrong?' MailOnline has contacted Jeremy and Stephanie's spokespeople for comment. The hotel guest who recorded the row told the paper: 'I was in the village hotel on 6th Feb staying here for a work conference. 'I was woken up at 2am in the morning to Stephanie screaming down the corridor due to her and Jeremy having an altercation. 'Jeremy was staying directly opposite my room. I was looking through the hole is the door and saw it was Jeremy and Steph.'
On the night of the alleged row Stephanie was pictured in floods of tears on Friday evening following the show wrap party. The former Hollyoaks actress was seen crying outside Elstree Studios, holding her head in her hands as a besotted Jeremy comforted her. As Stephanie's eyes began welling up during an emotional chat with Irish hunk Jeremy, she hid her face in her palms and broke down into sobs. Keen to solve the issue, Jeremy grabbed hold of her wrists and it wasn't long before the pair were locked in a passionate embrace.
When contacted by MailOnline, Stephanie's rep explained the breakdown by saying: 'What the picture doesn't show is Stephanie had just been reunited with her Dad and Brother. Obviously she was clearly overwhelmed after being away from them for over four weeks'. Though, the pair's amorous display comes as it's been claimed Jeremy 'cheated' on Stephanie while attending a PA in Newcastle on Thursday night. McConnell has been accused of getting intimate with a 19-year-old club dancer named Caroline Pope with the rumour mill going into overdrive on Twitter.

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