Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kim Zolciak refuses to back down from haters as she posts yet another stunning bikini snap on Instagram

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Can't stop, won't stop! Reality diva Kim Zolciak refuses to back down from haters as she posts yet another stunning bikini snap on Instagram She has been attacked by haters who constantly accused her of Photoshopping her figure in Instagram snaps. But instead of hiding, Kim Zolciak has repeatedly been posting snaps of her enviable curves on her page. And Sunday was no different as the 37-year-old Don't Be Tardy star uploaded a photo where she was wearing a skimpy black bikini while walking on the beach.
The Bravo star's caption read: 'Make yourself a priority.. Take time for you.' The reality diva had a deep tan and her blonde locks were styled nicely, flowing down past her chest. It appeared to be close to sunset while she was on her Florida vacation.
Earlier in the week, the mother-of-six showed off her cleavage in the sunlit snap and wears her long locks piled on her head in a loose bun. She captioned it 'Good morning.' Kim appeared to be standing in one of the bathrooms of her luxurious vacation rental where she has shared several similar selfies over the last few days. Meanwhile her daughter Brielle, 18, is becoming quite the social media pro too.
She uploaded a swimsuit snap showing her enjoying some time in one of the beach-side pools. The teen shows of her shapely derriere in a neon patterned bikini, glancing back at the camera with a knowing look. The ladies' Instagram and Snapchats have been on fire since they jetted off on their tropical holiday, which appears to be somewhere in the Caribbean.
Kim hit back at negativity earlier this week after she was blasted for sharing a video clip that showed her with layers of make-up on a glossy pumped up pout. Alongside the clip she had written how wonderful her life was but quickly deleted it as a number of users started commenting on her appearance. She quickly lashed out at what she called 'bullying trolls' who are plagued with jealousy.
Alongside a beach snap of herself posing with husband Kroy Biermann she wrote: 'Let me share something with you... You see who's holding me, you see where I am, my kids are here... You know why I have the life I have... Because of how I lived it, how I treat people, what I give back, and how I think... I'm so f***in over all you bullying trolls!' 'You sit behind a computer screen with your fake profile pictures, your "I love Jesus" in your bio and your private non the less.... Do me a favor hit UNF***INFOLLOW.. Get off my page!!!' 'I don't want your negative energy on my page, I don't want to share any part of my incredible life (REMEMBER we all have the same 24hrs) with you. You are jealous and it's a disease, GET THE F*** UP.. And FIX YOUR LIFE! #KarmaBaby #ItWillAlwaysFindYou #YouCantThinkNegativeAndHaveAPositiveLife'.
In the original video that started it all, Kim's eyebrows are very intense and thick as her lips display a heavy pout. Comments on the video, which were captured before it was deleted, ranged from no holds barred insults such as 'You look so ugly' to fans expressing shock 'Eeeekkk you looking nothing like yourself'. While another wrote, 'Jesus Christ... when I saw your face I got scared.... what in Gods name are you doing to yourself?' One commenter simply wrote: 'Omg stop doing surgery!'

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