Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do mammoth back to life?

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Mammoth recently discovered the body of a giant ice in Siberia, could be the best hope yet for scientists in this huge monster clone extinct thousands of years ago. In May 2013, scientists cut from one of Russian Siberia, universities and a wide area of ice in Siberia to reach the land of "Mali Aachowsky" in the far north, which was common by the presence of traces of the Mammoth in the frozen soil. The scientists found the time to Naben giants visible above the surface of the earth, and when they dug around them and found Mamutha almost complete, with three legs and parts of the head and the trunk is still intact. During the excavation, scientists found dark red liquid, it may be the blood of mammoths, which scientists have found in the case of semi-fresh. The researchers then took the body to the city, "Yakutsk" in Russia, where he was among the group of experts, only three days to conduct a comprehensive study of these archaeological body before re-freezing again to prevent rotting. Carbon team used to determine the animal's age, and found that he lived by about 40 thousand years ago, scientists were able to determine the cause of his death, he had been subjected to a fierce attack from predators such as wolves. Chemical analysis revealed that the blood of the blood cells has crashed, but still contain hemoglobin, which is known for its ability to mammoths develop hemoglobin resistant to cold, can remain intact in the freezing temperatures during the Ice Age. Scientists have stepped beyond research to find sufficient quantities of the DNA is damaged, so that it can consider the possibility of reproducing the work of the extinct animal. However, so far the team has not found a complete copy of the genome of the giant animal, but the tissue revealed some very long genetic chains, which can be assembled together to restore the full genome, not research scientists continue to search for a complete copy of the genome. He said, "George Charh", a researcher at Harvard University: "Even if scientists can not find a complete sample is corrupted from the DNA of the DNA, there may be other ways to clone mammoths," he hopes to combine the DNA from an animal with animal elephant of the modern era, which is one of the relatives of the animal species extinct.

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