Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Samsung developing countries attract consumers in a new way

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Intends to South Korean Samsung Group, the first in the global smart phone market, which is facing stiff competition from Chinese companies, reducing the exposure of the products to focus on manufacturing phones cheaper, and therefore more attractive to consumers developing countries. The announcement came on the lips of official relations with investors in Samsung's Robert Yi in New York. According to Robert Yi, Samsung, which announced last month that the decline in net profit by nearly 50% in the third quarter on the year, plans to reduce its production of smartphones, which plans to distribute in the market in 2015 by between a third and a quarter. Samsung did not disclose the exact number of models involved in this reduction. In parallel, the South Korean group plans to increase its production of smartphones least expensive in the face of fierce competition with Chinese manufacturers for smartphones, especially Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi. Commenting on the announcement, Robert Shira regarded analyst in the company, "Evercore ESI", in remarks reported by the economic newspaper "The Wall Street Journal," that "the time has come that" Samsung to reduce expenditures in the field of marketing to provide, and which are necessary in light of the diversity of products the company, to focus on reducing the overall cost, which is necessary for "install margins" in the economic group. Unit portable devices and recorded in Samsung, which represents the interface Group, a decline in operating profit by 74% between July and September, with the decline in revenue by 33%. This unit is no longer represent only 43% of the operating profit of the group versus 76% in the six months before, and the profit margin of the "7%" at its lowest level since the end of 2008. Samsung also faces competition in the smart phone sector with expensive "iPhone" devices, which limit the "Galaxy" phones sales, especially of the type "S 5" and check the profitability of a much larger. The South Korean group seeks to provide new sources of income by creating supplements for smart phones. In this context, the group in October revealed a reality Default allows video games enjoyable experience panoramic vision of 360 degrees, will be put on the market in December. Samsung also plans to invest 15,600 billion won "14.51 billion dollars" to establish a factory for chips informatics.

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