Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Save space in your phone memory filled Alondorad

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Magazine, "ABC Welt," the German said that Android phones owners quickly complained of memory is full to the ground, especially with the models, which do not allow for the possibility of expanding the storage capacity via external memory card, such as the Google Nexus device 16 GB model Motorola "Moto GP" low cost 8GB only, where he holds the same Android system a big part of this limited storage capacity. The user can through the item "memory" in the "Settings" menu operating system Android to identify the total memory, which is still free space, and the bottom of this item the operating system lists the list of the types of data that occupy memory space, such as applications, photos, music, videos, and so on. If the user clicks on the list of applications, the Android system lists the list of applications by its need for memory space. This function provides the advantages of a very practical, as it shows the user applications that occupy a large area of memory quickly, and the user can remove these applications from the operating system by clicking on the "Uninstall" button. However applications not alone that occupies memory space of smart phones, it is often also due to the contents of the "attachments," which are stored under "other files". For example, if the user receives an electronic copy of one of the weekly magazines, these only the files will occupy one space GB over six months only. The same applies to many of the navigation and mapping applications; applications where itself does not occupy a large area of the smart phone's memory, but the maps are downloaded for the purpose of use without an Internet connection, which is running the internal memory space. Therefore, should the user from time to time to look at the "other files" folder and delete data that is no longer in need.

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