Thursday, November 20, 2014

Charge your phone in your pocket

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To appear smart batteries last for about a week, and portable batteries remain the best option for users of smart phones in many embarrassing situations, and because of this kind of its problem batteries lies in the magnitude and difficulty to carry and easy to lose, invented one of the companies a distinct idea represented in the belt and charger that one.
The belt "Xswo- XOO" simple solution to the problem of repeated daily which is running out of phone battery, Integrated with battery backup invisible hiding inside the belt with a capacity of 2100 mA, enough to charge any portable device very good ratio which allows to make calls or send messages, etc., according to reportedly at the site of "The NeXT Web" technical. Featuring battery flexibility of the type "lithium ceramic polymer" and Bomanha, and resistance to weathering, and summon it to take off the belt and charge the phone, but there in the middle of the belt outlet for a small cable "Micro USB" connecting the battery and the phone to charge the latter which is inside the pants pocket without attracting attention. To recharge the battery belt simply be connected to a PC via cable and it takes 3 hours to fully charge, and this belt still under funding through the "Anditjojo" Foundation, hopes the British company developed "Nifty", which developed earlier mini devices Apple Mac drives to increase storage capacity, Ask a product markets in the month of July 2015 at a price of US $ 155.

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