Thursday, November 20, 2014

Proposal prohibits the Swiss bank selling of gold reserves

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Labored gold, on Thursday, recovering from the losses suffered by the foreign markets, it killed the dollar support from the optimism of the US central bank about the economy, the poll saw declining support for the referendum Swiss would push the central bank to strengthen its reserves of gold. The poll showed, on Wednesday, declined to support the proposal of Swiss voters to "Save the Swiss went" to 38% from 44%, in the poll conducted last month. The proposal that prohibits the Swiss National Bank to sell any of its gold reserves, and to maintain a ratio of at least 20% of its assets in gold, compared with 7.8% last month, and can enhance the central bank purchases of gold prices. Said a trader in precious metals: "The Swiss referendum was the only bright spot for gold in recent weeks, and it appears that the new referendum to approve the declining prospects of the proposal." Gold has seen little change in online transactions, for the record of $ 1183.80 an ounce, after losing 1.2 percent in the previous session. And decreased Futures US gold about 1.5% to $ 1176.20 before recovering slightly, and the other precious metals silver fell 0.06%, to $ 16.09 an ounce, but platinum rose 0.42%, to $ 1188.49 an ounce, also stepped up the price of palladium 0.2%, to 762 dollars per ounce.

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