Thursday, November 20, 2014

Google allows the participation of «Drive» files under video chat

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Google has announced an update to the service via video chats "Hang Oates" Hangouts is allows the user to post links to the files of "Hang Oates" service, to chat during video calls. The user can click through to a new icon appears within it enforceable chat, select files, which wants to share links with others in the conversation, without leaving the video call, allowing an easier way and more speed for file sharing, according to the company. Google reported that the files are shared, which links up to the other parties within the conversation, even if the text chat window had closed, and will show a preview of the file that has been shared directly in the chat window so that you can take a quick look at the contents before downloading. The company said the new feature will begin appearing to users in the next few hours.

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