Thursday, November 20, 2014

Google's acquisition of the work «Ralatyv In» Team

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Announced that the company "Ralatyv In" developed for the application form, which allows developers to design schemes, especially applications "which feed or" models, that her team joined Google in exchange for the amount has not been disclosed.
The company said that its team to join Google will continue to develop the same application, and said that the goal was always the application is accessible to the largest possible number of users, and this acquisition is a major step towards achieving this goal. This allows the application form for designers and developers interactive models of interfaces Applications "EOS" industry, and makes these interfaces interactive, so you can press them and move them to provide visualization of the final form of the application before actually developed, and that includes access to the camera device and sensors its own. As part of the acquisition the company announced that its application has become Mjaniaaly shop "iTunes" and expressed willingness to re-payments for users who bought the former application.

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