Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mackerel smoker gets European protection

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Gets smoked mackerel, of the Danube River, European protection this year, to become the first product of the Danube Delta falls within the protected list of products to the EU. The Romania last year, has begun the process of adding smoked fish to record protected designation of origin, and this will happen during the current year, as reported in Romania. According to the estimates of Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate in the city of Tolcha in the far eastern Romania on the banks of the Danube, the documents of ratification of the European smoked mackerel extracted from the Danube, will be forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture Romania by the end of September. There are also three other Romanian products will get the European protection this year, a type of cheese, salami and smoked fish another. The plum jam "Topouleveny" is the only producer Roman added by the European Commission in 2011 to record Protected Designation of Origin and the system of protection of geographical production area, and made this jam, a traditional food in Romania of ripe fruits of different plum varieties, peaches without adding sugar, so in the town of Topouloviny Orjeic Province.

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