Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pictures .. the new version of the Mercedes 2016 G

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Mercedes G-Class is a symbol of well-being, where roaming the streets of Dubai, Los Angeles and London since the submission in 1979, and the company has recently unveiled 2016 edition, known updates included the mechanical strength and performance in particular. The company has announced that the G-Class model in 2016, which almost form has not changed evolve through updated technology and interiors in which to provide an increase in strength by 16% and the rate of lower fuel consumption, and will come a new engine V8 4-liter Bashahanin Torbinyin, and will generate the engine in the Model G500 Developer power of 416 hp and 610 Newton meters turnover, and to allow multiple uses of the acceleration of the vehicle up to 100 Kmsaah in 5.9 seconds, and the most important characteristic of this version is to provide Bbozivh Eco Stop START to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The new version in a bouquet with touches of color, especially black and vaccinations external beside embroidery compatible inside the cabin, which has been provided with luxurious leather seats.

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