Thursday, May 14, 2015

Video .. What do you do to save injured in an accident

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We asked Dr. Ashraf Ashmawy director ambulance River Management Authority ambulance Egypt, how about actions that can be for individuals who are at the scene or carriers for the injured, submitted before reaching the hospital? And his answer was as follows: "First they are required to call an ambulance very quickly, do not be tense Ahan estimated to reach about where exactly the incident, the ambulance Ahan up to exactly where the incident. Second: the caller must follow instructions man ambulance future communication because it Basolh technical questions, for example: the type of incident, "a collision or a coup, for example," the direction of the vehicle. He explained that all the questions will help man the ambulance to reach the recipient of the communication of the incident very quickly. He added, Third: "If the amount the person has no knowledge or experience in dealing with the case, I wish the injured or what Iqrbh of it is just, because the wrong deal could hurt the patient more and leaving him to be given a chance to man the ambulance in dealing with the situation.

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