Thursday, May 14, 2015

Study: Exercise regularly protected from high cholesterol for 15 years

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Modern medical research continues to emphasize the health benefits of physical activity and exercise, which recently revealed a recent medical study led by researchers from the University of South Carolina that Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercises it is possible to contribute to the delay of developing high LDL cholesterol levels for 15-year-old full , which is something very exciting. The study showed that LDL cholesterol "ldl" levels in the blood begin to rise as we age, a sign that the high fat ratios in the blood contribute to raising the chances of heart disease and stroke, while proven that people who are physically fit high often decreases their chances of having these serious diseases, because the sport reduces LDL cholesterol levels "ldl" cholesterol levels in the blood, kidney, while rising beneficial cholesterol "HDL" levels. The findings are published medical journal "Journal of the American College of Cardiology", and also published on the website of the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British in the eleventh month of May. The study included 11 418 men, in the period from 1970 until 2006.

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