Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pictures .. Hollywood star «abnormal»

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It was not imagine the actress Cate Blanchett to be the face of a boy screen brown Ahmed Zaki usher good on them, and that was the beginning of multiple roles carried out, even become one of the most beautiful and most famous Hollywood starlets, and became its forms and news in all the newspapers, especially after they starred in Hollywood, and I got Oscar Best Actress for their participation in the great film director Woody Allen. No one knows that small in the "crab" is why its role in her love of cinema and representation. Australian actress Cate Blanchett was born in Melbourne on May 14, 1969 and studied economics at the University of Melbourne before making a trip around Europe and it Tzrbad Egypt. During one of her friends had asked her to appear in a movie Kkombars Ahmed Zaki, it was the approval of transit ticket to fame and representation, where she returned to Australia and left the study at the Institute of Economics and joined the drama, in order to study the representation Ahqth because of the star Ahmed Zaki.
Nominated Blanchett for an Academy Award four times for Notes of Scandal in 2006 and I'm not There in 2007 and obtained twice. First in 2004 as best supporting actress in the film The Aviator and the second time in 2013 for her role in Woody Allen Blue Jasmine Best Actress in a Leading Role .
She married Blanchett of playwright Andrew Upton in 1997 after that I met him in a television filming sites, and gave birth Blanchett 3 children were: Dashiell, and Roman, and Antagios, and has to adopt a child (Edith), recently to complement the small family girl who always dreamed Bandjabha. The surprise was when Blanchett recently admitted that it has set up several romantic relationships with women before her marriage saying it has the experience of everything. Blanchett shocking confession came during a promotion for her latest movie Salt which displays at Cannes and tells the love story that combines Siditn.

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