Wednesday, December 10, 2014

6 girls fall into the trap of love dummy

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Women, in general, and adolescent girls in particular, to have feelings thin, making them easy prey, it is not always find the accept their feelings and desire to emotional stability and integration with the other party, and filled the pages of newspapers and magazines with stories of girls and women who were victims of the adventures of emotional ill-considered. So how do you become a victim of those who Johmk in love? Says psychologist, Abir of Ramadan, there is a global studies of teens found that some of them to have ready to deceive the dummy love more than others, and these models of adolescent girls The girl and single parents: They feel lonely, in addition to overeating and her parents in Tdleilha we find that they need to change the pattern of emotion to it, and soon fall prey to what is known as love The girl is plant: Where research has shown that the girl, which relies on a vegetarian diet are less inclined to build relationships with young men, whether sexual or emotional. A few lucky girl of beauty: This fall prey to love dummy quickly, because they are anxious to find a partner or the life of a young man admired by, which is a few degrees of beauty, has been statistically shown that 66% of tweens Dmemat Oqmn several close relationships failed in less than a year. The girl who went through an emotional experience hurtful: Those looking for those who heals wounds quickly, and understand the depth of what has passed by, we find democracy dragged behind any new passion, often exploited by the other party. Girl who does not care to science: An American study has shown that girls who do not adored chemistry, physics and computer science, to have more tendencies to run frequent emotional experiences. The girl, who lives in a disjointed family: They quickly fall prey to love, because they want to prove to themselves that they are emotionally balanced, and the volatile atmosphere and charged you live did not affect them, as they need to be lacking in the feelings of her family.

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