Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A couple Aosran the love letters dating back to 1948 in their home

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British couple found more than 800 romantic message earliest dating back to 1948, in the home, which they moved him, having remained empty for 18 years, and documents the love affair between the two lovers live far from each other in the period following World War II. Lewis moved decaffeinated "25 years" and his wife, Kerry, "27-year-old" to the abandoned house in 2010, and last month, the couple found a wooden box Old Anzvan home when they were a prelude to expand it. After the opening couple Fund, and a very huge number of love letters, postcards and cards Holiday Birth, stretching dates between 1948 and 1979, and most of these messages addressed to Henry Oliver Forbes, who lived by the couple in the house, according to the Daily British mi said. Messages addresses and show that they sent by Moira Reid, who lives in New Port in New South Wales, while other messages arrived from as far away as Boston and New York, USA, in addition to Germany. Lewis and Kerry is believed that the couple were married in the end, and lived in the house, that Henry died 20 years ago, while Moira collapsed after his death, according to a novel neighbors, and moved to a nursing home and left the house empty for 18 years, to offer for sale to pay for her stay expenses Dar care. Kerry indicated that it looked with her husband's relatives, Henry and Moira to surrender messages to no avail, but they did not Atalaaa on the content of all messages as read you need for a long time does not Imitlkana for their concern over the work, and only managed to learn some details of the story of love, who lived for many years between the lines of messages .

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