Wednesday, December 10, 2014

«Candy Crush» pervades the public hearing in the British Parliament

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Congress set a Conservative Party which exercise game "Candy Crush" on his computer "iPad" during the hearing, the British House of Commons. He admitted member "Nigel Mills" aged 40 years to the exercise of the game during the hearing on pensions, which assumes that the hearing committee member where, stressing that he did not act this again, pointing out that it takes parliamentary duties seriously. A spokesman for the council said that "parliamentary deputy made a mistake and breaking council rules are supposed to lead the duty of professional, but he breaks it, and preferred to play on the computer he got from the same Parliament and devoted to the work of all, in order to reduce the use of paper, so be submitted for accountability and interrogation." , according to the British newspaper daily Mail. It is believed that the photo was taken by one or two people who were sitting behind Mills, according to the British Council GP laws it is not allowed to take a picture or watching a movie or recording audio clip during the meeting without a permit, and any member who break the rules or exploited for the promotion or publication shall be punished according to the rules.

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