Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7-traditional ways to tell if you are pregnant Bold

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Sure to determine the sex of the fetus is through ultrasound imaging, but some still want to know whether the child is expected after 9 months of pregnancy is a girl or boy through traditional methods. One of the most prominent signs of pregnancy Bold is the subject of the abdomen, as it is believed that the low abdomen refers to pregnancy Besbay. Urine color may also be a sign of sex of the fetus as it is believed that the dark color of the urine indicates pregnancy Bold. It is well known that the size of the breasts grow during pregnancy, as it is also known that the left breast is larger than the right, but it is believed that pregnancy Bold will make the right breast is larger. Whether your feet are cold storage rooms throughout pregnancy despite your attempts Ptdfithma it is likely to be a pregnant born. Do you suffer from the rapid growth of hair on your skin faster than normal pace? If you answered yes, it is possible to be a pregnant with a boy. On which side you lay? Believed that pregnant boy lie on her left side most of the time, which is tiring them. And hands? Do you suffer from Thqgahma and Ajafavhma Although the amount of creams that Tdaanha them to moisten them? Dry skin is often a sign of pregnancy Bold.

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