Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tom Cruise renew his offer for sale in exchange for $ 59 million

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Showing US Representative world-wide fame Tom Cruise his summer home in Tillorad area, in the state of Colorado of America, the sale value of $ 59 million. Include property which extends over a distance of 1.00026 million thousand square meters, a house with an area of 10 thousand square feet, and includes four main bedrooms, and three-bedroom guesthouse, large kitchen, a gym, a room entertainment, and a huge library. And can be accessed from home by crossing a private road, surrounded by grass, trees, and pine forests. And bought a movie star "Top Jean," and "Jerry Maguire," and "Mission Impossible," the property before about 20 years ago, when he was married to Australian actress famous Nicole Kidman, according to the auction house, "Bill Vandel" affiliate "Sotheby Anturnashinal Realty . " However, Cruz was unable to use the hut in recent years, because of the large concern. It is noteworthy that Cruz helped design the house, which he presented for sale in the markets, since last October. And looks like the interior design of a house, a mountain huts, which has wood-paneled walls, especially cedar wood. It features a cottage design high-precision crafted, especially through the design of the fireplace made of original stone. And surrounding property in Colorado huge tracts of forest, which provides great views of the highest mountains in the United States, and especially the Rocky Mountains, as well as walking trails in nature, and motorcycle riding on mountain roads, and playing a game of tennis, basketball, skiing, hockey. The property is just 12 minutes' drive from the historic town of Telluride, which is characterized by global views skiing. He underwent a huge regional airport in this region, the process of updating the value of $ 53 million, which can accommodate large private aircraft. And still cruise, have homes in California and New York City Americas

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