Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mother sell her breast milk for Christmas Gifts

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Decided to British mother named Rebecca Hudson, aged 26 years, I decided to collect thousands of dollars by selling milk her nipples in order to buy gifts for their children at Christmas, she embarked on this step, because it has a surplus of breast milk because her daughter a small amount consumption him. According to a report published on the newspaper "New York Daily News," America, they decided to do so in order to buy a holiday Christmas for their children gifts, and make some profit, which helps in life, especially that this work can be done at home without having to go out to work and leave them, however it takes energy and time consuming, but it is strongly profitable. Hudson said she suffered their own milk on the Internet, with 20 dollars a bottle, but that the price will rise, because the very intense demand for this product, which does not lead alone, but that there are several women Ikmn so online. It is worth mentioning that they collected $ 4,750 during the year and now has a permanent customers, and Hudson says: "What they are doing with milk up to them, whether it's for bodybuilding or sexual orientation."

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