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I know all about hemorrhoids

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The hemorrhoids diseases not only cause pain to the patient's disease, but being an adult embarrassment, too, is a prominent and swollen veins in the anus and in the back of the rectum is made up as a result of exertion during bowel or as a result of intense pressure on these veins work. The symptoms of hemorrhoids in the itchy feeling or irritation in the anus area or discomfort with Note glossy red blood on the toilet paper or toilet bowl. There are many effective ways to treat hemorrhoids for the majority of people, with improvement in symptoms appear after the use of home therapy and change the practice of life system. The problem When a person has hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels behind the sphincter in the anal canal. Explained Professor Alexander Herold, doctor colorectal status of the German city of Mannheim, saying: "There are these bushings with all the people working on sealing the rectum and prevent the remnants of stool leakage to the outside, and sensitive skin irritation in the anal canal." In case of putting pressure on the blood vessels for a long time, then the blood can not flow, and thus swells the veins and stretch, which leads to the erosion of the connective tissues sensitive. And the resulting liquid leaking from the bottom of the rectum to the outside, so that the person is suffering from itching around the anus with a sense of burning and bleeding. Reasons Hemorrhoids appear due to pressure on the linings of blood vessels, particularly through the intense pressure while sitting on the toilet base, and is advised by Professor Alexander Herold, saying: "I do not have to go to the toilet only when there is a real need", as well as to sit for a long time on the toilet base leads to download the pelvic floor with one. Therefore recommended that the German expert to avoid reading newspapers and magazines while sitting on the toilet base. In addition to the cases of constipation, which appear due to food that does not include dietary fiber intake can lead to injury hemorrhoids. The weakness of the connective tissue associated with genetic factors may be a potential for injury causes hemorrhoids. Consequences If the patient did not rush to treat hemorrhoids, they grow and expand over time, and doctors distinguish between the four stages of the disease. He explained the doctor Bernard Lehnardt, of the German Society of Dermatology, the first phase will be linings of blood vessels bloated or swollen invisible from the outside, and show some of the symptoms only, such as bleeding or irritation of the skin cases. In the second phase, they come out with the feces from the anus, and the return of its own to the inside again. In the third phase can slide hemorrhoids from the anus during severe physical or walk long distances to work. At this stage do not bounce hemorrhoids inside of its own, so be patient returned with his hand again. In the fourth stage, it can not be returned to the home by hand. As soon as one observes the emergence of the effects of blood in the stool, it has to consult a specialist anus and rectum. German doctor confirmed it, saying: "One must consult a doctor quickly to exclude the presence of other serious illnesses, because of colon cancer, for example, causes symptoms very similar." Screening and diagnosis Many patients fear to examine hemorrhoids, and added Bernard Lehnardt, saying: "hemorrhoids examination process is not painful at all in most cases, because they are covered with mucous membrane of the intestines, which do not have any pain nerves." At first, the doctor examines the rectum carefully by his finger. He Bernhard Straetmetr, President of the German Association of Physicians anus and rectum, saying: "Through this examination the doctor be able to identify the nodal changes or stenosis as well as verification of the pressure and tension in the sphincter." Often the doctor is not able to soft tissue examination for hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is inserted into the rectum telescope in the anal canal, which is a thin metal tube light source provider in the party, so that the doctor can examine the inside of the rectum accurately. In cases of bleeding that can not be explained by rectal examination, it must be examined as a precaution the rear portion of the rectum, or disclosure of the entire colon if necessary. Treatment When you are hemorrhoids in the first phase, it is treated by injecting small amounts of alcoholic solution in the linings of blood vessels a bit bloated and lead it to shrink hemorrhoids, rectal and restores the closing process sound. And often there is a need to inject three to four times sessions over several weeks. It may be useful with this treatment use some creams and plugs anal canal. Works like this means to alleviate the symptoms but do not change anything in the size of hemorrhoids. If the patient is already suffering from hemorrhoids in the second phase, then you can use a rubber band. He explained Bernhard Straetmetr method of treatment, saying: "The doctor installed a small rubber ring on the hemorrhoids, and thus the blood does not reach the excess tissue and fall with the feces within two weeks." But it may lead to the occurrence of bleeding, so it is not permissible to use this method of treatment, with patients taking anti-coagulant drugs such as aspirin. Furthermore, it should avoid long trips during the first few weeks after surgery. And can not be restored linings of blood vessels to their original status in the case of piles of third and fourth grade only through surgical intervention. But if you went back to sit for a long time on the toilet base and strongly pressure during defecation process, the hemorrhoids can come back again.

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