Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learn myths metabolic five

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Often metabolism hot topic of conversations considered for a long time, as it represented a source of confusion for some people, and a scapegoat for excess baggage for some of the other people. Often, what is a lot of associated with metabolic concepts, wrong in many cases. To help eliminate this confusion, we offer The following are the facts behind the five myths associated with the process of metabolism. • First Myth: lean individuals have a quick representation of a food Said assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Yoni Friedhof "The metabolism does not have much to do with the size of the human body," he said, adding that "individuals Alnhlae have a slower metabolism process, compared to other heavier people." As a result, the most weight individuals, they have a greater metabolic process, compared to their counterparts thinnest. " But, not just the additional weight that enhances the speed up your metabolism, but also the muscles of the body, which has a large influence on how to burn the amount of total calories. Usually, the people who have more muscles, they have a metabolic process faster. • Second Myth: Skipping a meal slows down metabolism Typically, people who are looking to reduce their weight is recommended, eating snacks and frequent food throughout the day. Friedhof and explained that "the amount of food covered by the people, have less rapidly relationship metabolism," adding that "constantly eating food every four hours, helps to speed up metabolism." The most important factor plays a role in speeding up metabolism, is related to the quantity and quality of food you eat people every day. • The third myth: eating during the night leads to the accumulation of fat Refrain from eating food does not cause late at night, not the body store fat. Instead of focusing on the time of food consumption, must pay attention to the quality and quantity of food. As for eating healthy food even during the night, do not impede private persons diet. • Myth Four: metabolism means whatever Aterbt burn calories and digest food Metabolism associated Bmkonin main components: the demolition, breaking the chemical bonds to release energy, in the form of calories, as well as metabolism, any energy storage in the form of chemical bonds and for later use, including carbohydrates and fats. Dependent metabolism the delicate balance in all jobs. • Fifth myth: the inability of the people to control their metabolism It turned out that individuals have more control over their own metabolic process, greater than previously thought, by getting more sleep, eat more of water, caffeine intake, and getting an adequate amount of protein.

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