Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Study: Friends Egnpununa depression

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Recent studies in Britain have shown that people who have fewer friends are most affected by sadness, depression and lack of self-confidence, while showing that one out of every five people who are in the prime of life in Britain suffering from depression. According to official figures in Britain, it is in addition to that one out of every 5 people suffering from depression, women are more susceptible to infection early mental illness than men. According to the data that the prevalence of mental illness than among young people aged between 16 and 24 years old, in the prime of life, contrary to popular belief among the majority of people and that the mental problems spreading among middle-aged and elderly. According to the study, which was published finally results in the newspaper "The Times" the British, the individual's relationship with his friends and neighbors and colleagues in the study and work is the key factor in the emotional ties for young people, while it is clear that people who have fewer friends are more prone to sadness and depression, and suffer more problems eating and sleeping. According to a quarter of people living with their families, they are engaged in a brawl or a sensation with their mothers more than once a week, but more than half of the people who have been conducting the study they reported that they are conducting a meaningful and useful conversations with their mothers in the important issues, as young people reported that they are engaged in controversies less compared to mothers with parents, but at the same time, more trust their mothers.

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