Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Learn the most important signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency «6» in the blood

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Vitamin "to 6" of nutrients that the body needs to maintain some basic functions, the special function of the nervous system immune. If you do not consume between 1.3 and 2 mg of the vitamin a day may be at risk of developing symptoms and health problems caused by the shortage. And requires a level of lack of this vitamin in the blood, medical care, here are the main symptoms of vitamin deficiency "by 6". Dermatitis. When you notice redness of the skin, and dry, and the presence of severe itching may be a symptom of this. The skin becomes thin with these symptoms and be susceptible to inflammation and infection. Convulsions. As a result of a lack of vitamin levels, "6" nervous system can not send signals Pkhl normal, and find difficulty in the brain to send messages to the body, spoke some tensions that require medical care. Mood changes. Vitamin B "6" is also responsible for ensuring that the vital organs in the body to get oxygen to produce energy. As a result of the shortage of nutrients that you need organs of the body there is a change in mood, and exposed human-depressant. Anemia. As a result of a lack of vitamin "6" body does not produce enough red blood cells, which leads to anemia or blood poverty. Symptoms case pallor, fatigue, tachycardia, headache, dizziness, and cooler parties, and difficulty breathing. Numb nerves. If a lack of vitamin continued to "6" for a long time without treatment results in numbness and tingling nerves in the feet and hands.

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