Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What you do not know about cluster headaches

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Neurologist Frank Bergman said the injury severe headache on one side of the head may return to what is known as "cluster strike a headache." He explained Bergman, a member of the German Association of Neurologists, the headaches cluster strike, which affects only one side of the head, appears behind the eye and in the front range of the temple, and be insightful or incendiary. German doctor pointed out that the cluster strike headache pain takes a period ranging from a quarter of an hour to three hours, and occur in the form of severe bouts of intermittent, even after waking from sleep. In some cases, the patient is exposed to several shifts per day, and then the pain go away for several weeks. In addition to headaches, can also be redness of conjunctivitis occurs on the side of the head injured. In addition, an increase in the lacrimal fluid secretions may occur, runny nose, and the patient often feels nauseous and be sensitive to light and noise. For treatment, the German neurologist warned of abuse of painkillers without consulting your doctor, pointing out that the traditional NSAIDs can not treat cluster headaches. The relaxation exercises or acupuncture is not useful in the treatment of pain. Bergman confirmed that the substance "sumatriptan", which are disbursed based on a prescription, are the only ones enjoying effectively against cluster headaches, like inhaling oxygen.

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